Thursday, July 12, 2007

Beginning of the Thread Baby Afghan

Here's the beginning of my baby afghan done in #10 thread. I have completed 10 rounds and the base of 2 diamonds and it measures about 12 inches wide at this point.
I want to get it to the point where it's as wide as the ottoman it's sitting on in these images. (30 inches wide)

The texture is very nice and it drapes nice at this point. I am getting a little bored with the one solid color , but, I want to get this to about 15-20 inches in width before I add the green and then I will do about 5 inches around in green (I figured 3-4 rounds) and then 5 more inches in the ecru to finish.


Anonymous said...

Im curious. In the picture here your diamonds look like the group in direction rather than being a


type effect with the directions yours look like they are forming a triangle of direction... Is this how it should look?

Buggy said...

Yes, over all when you look down on the blanket you will see 4 diamonds form. If you have tried a sample start at one outer corner and count the diamonds in a diagonal across from it. You will find the corners don't line up they are always off by one. So when you look at the over all blanket you can place the corners of one side in each hand. Then look at the corner in the left hand and follow it to the corner in the right hand and you will see a triangle has formed, if you spin it any way you will see the triangles on each side. This is part of the design of entralac in the round that if you have seen or done regular entralac you won't see the same pattern forming.

Buggy said...

For those part of, or willing to join the tunisian yahoo group, there is another tutorial there made by someone else

Anonymous said...

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