Sunday, July 15, 2007

Getting going..

OK, so I started on my entralac, (still have another peice I need to finish before I dedicate all my time to this), but Im running into an issue.

If you look at the kind 3 rows it represents (3 squares top, 2 middle, 3 bottom) as I had expected so far, the top row and the bottom row go in the same direction.. where as the middle row go the other.. eg its like top row \\\ middle row // and bottom row \\\

Problem comes now in the next round which would make a new first row, and a 4th row, many areas, I can see how to add to continue in the / direction, but what would be say the second square on the new first row Im looking at making a new diamond with a border on the bottom and right, if I were to work anti clockwise, and left and top if I went clockwise, and I dont see how that works..

If thats not the case the entralac doesnt end up with the look other entralacs have of the alternating directions, which seems wrong..

I noticed the previous post the directions of the squares form triangles of direction eg if you took a square and drew lines between the corners forming 4 triangles making a square, each of those triangles went in a different direction.. which isnt how I normally see entralacs..

Can anyone help?


Buggy said...

The 2 diamonds in the middle, the strip of diamonds you started with is were the error lays. the vertical bars are going like this // instead they should go to the left like the rest like this \\
I'm trying to figure out how you got them going in the opposite direction on the foundation row. Looking at the sample there are 3 diamonds on the top, 2 on the middle, 3 on the bottom. The diamond in the middle on the top is going in the correct direction but it's attached in the wrong place because for that diamond you should utilize the vertical bars from the right diamond in the 2nd row. on the ends you should need to chain 6 and then use the space created on the end of the diamond to attach into.
Can you let me know your steps, like how many did you chain to begin, then when you started which way did you go left or right on the chain. did you chain what you needed for 2 diamonds for the foundation row or did you chain enough for 1 diamond then add a chain onto the end to complete the 2nd diamond?
We'll get it figured out.

Riley said...

I unpicked and followed the instructions again, I could do a 3rd round, I messed up somewhere so unpicked it.. again..

So frustrating.. gonna try again after I complete current blanket.