Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Finshed afghan pictures

This is on the top bunk of a twin sized bunk bed and fits down over one end and down both sides, so it's pretty large. It's hard to see in the image the colors but the center is teal, then a variegated, purple, merano blue, variegated and then teal again, and I ended with 2 rounds of variegated in the pattern that you don't see in the image.
I used a J hook (6.5 mm)
2-8oz skeins of red heart in teal ( had about 1/2 a skein left over when done and this does have a pocket on the back as well)
1- 1 pounder from caron in merano blue and had a little left
1- 1 pounder from caron in purple and had about 8 oz left when done
1- 1 pounder in the variegated from caron and had about 1/2 the skein left when done.
So this took maybe 45 oz of yarn to create but keep in mind mine all have pockets on the back that took up extra yarn.

This one was more "planned" out working foundation diamonds in green, round 1 in blue, 2 rounds in variegated, 3 rounds in green, 3 rounds in blue, 3 rounds in variegated, 2 green, 2 variegated, 2 blue.
used 6.0 mm hook
I purchased red heart 8 oz skeins in solids, 6 oz skeins in variegated and purchased
3 skeins each blue and green
4 skeins variegated
I didn't have much left so this took about 72 oz of yarn

Here I had some odds and ends of yarn I wanted to use up. I had the following
6.5mm hook
1-3oz skein in purple
2- 3oz skein in mint green
14 oz merano blue by caron (some left over from the blanket above)
16 oz of pink left over from a 1 pounder.
The finished size fits on top of a twin sized bed but does not go over the edges.

So between the 4 listed and other then doing the blanket all in one color every round, or doing every round in a different color, hopefully, this will inspire the design you come up with for yours.

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pshreiman said...

you afghans are beautiful!