Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Purpose of a CAL

A CAL is really for motivation and inspiration. You get to try out a technique maybe new to you and a pattern maybe new as well. Then it's like an internet area to come to to chat about that project just like if you were in a real life quilting bee.
But, we can share variations as well and things we learn along the way, help one another out if someone doesn't know where to begin or how to end. In the tutorial I listed I showed what I have done, but, someone already took that and repeated it in thread which is an idea I had never thought of.
So it's fun to see what everyone does. Some people will do these all one color, some will chose to do every round a different color etc. So instead of making 50 afghans from the same pattern you get the chance of seeing this one patter translated by all the people who chose to participate. You may fall in love with one and want to replicate it, you may improve upon the pattern or go in a direction no one else thought of.
When using the blog itself go to www.blogger.com and sign in using the name you set up with your account. Once signed in you should see this blog listed on what blogger calls your dashboard. You can click under where this blog is listed on a link called Post. The post area is like filling out an online form. There is a subject line, the body and you can add a tag to the bottom but that isn't necessary. Along the top of the body portion you will see tools to help you in editing your post. You can change the font, there is an icon that looks like a piece of chain on a green blob...thats how to insert a link into a word (you type the word, highlight it with your mouse and click the link button then type the web address into the box that comes up and it will turn that word to blue and be a link people can click on), you can change the alignment of the font, make lists, spell check, insert pictures using the icon that looks like a picture of a landscape.
Feel free to practice posting as well. They can be edited and deleted after posting if you chose, also you can play in the posting editor and not publish that post at all just to get a feel for it.
I'm working on getting pictures of a few more of the afghans I still have made with this technique and will try to start mine soon, held up by the hand just a little bit.
But feel free to use the blog and have fun, ask questions, post help. Anyone please feel free to post help as well, it's for all of us to share what we need to know and what we already know.

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