Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Start with Introductions?

Maybe to get started here we could each post an introduction so we know everyone can post and share and get to know one another.
I'm Stephanie in Upstate NY. I live here with my husband and three kids ages 17. 12 and 10. Everyone here has one of these afghans in twin bed size with an addition of a pocket on the back so the afghan folds up into them like a pillow to store, or to put your feet in on cold nights.
I am going to make 2 more of these. One I am doing in #10 thread holding 2 strands together through out. I have practiced a bit with it and decided I have enough in materials to make a baby afghan for a crib.
4.5 mm hook (about a size G)
4 skiens of 400 yds a piece Americas Best crochet Thread in Ecru (I don't think Ill use all this)
1 Ball Aunt Lydias Double Crochet thread (300 yds) in frosty green oasis

I want the crib blanket to be mainly ecru so am planning on making it with a starting foundation of 2 diamonds (21 chain to start)
Then I will keep going with the ecru until the blanket measures about 15 inches wide before starting with the green. I will then add 3 rounds green, 3 rounds ecru and 3 rounds in green. This is the plan so far but we'll see how that goes. I want it to come out sort of antique looking with not much green.

The second I am still picking all the materials for. I am going to make my daughters boyfriend one for his graduation from high school next year because every time he comes over he "borrows" someones and curls up in it. He loves these! He likes the Peruvian style hats and gloves and items that resemble fair isle knitting and such.
Right now I have
14oz blue/green variegated 1 pounder by caron
10 oz of hunter green
15 oz burgundy
so I am going to look for a variegated with maybe some burgundy and green to put in with all this and use these for the afghan.

Now for my hand to just heal enough for me to get started.


Riley said...

Im curious as to the afghan with a pocket on the back so it can be a cushion! How does that work, I've not seen anything like it..

Buggy said...

I made the afghans using the tutorial and then made it again but did 2 foundation diamonds and made it to be about 24 by 30 inches or so and then sewed it onto the back of the afghan using a whip stitch. You can match the diamonds up on the afghan with the piece to make the pillow and then just sew along the diamond pattern. Then when you fold up the blanket you roll it from the end opposite the pocket and flip the pocket right side out stuffing the blanket in and it forms a pillow so can just be stored on a bed instead of in a closet taking up room.

Riley said...

Hmm, I struggle to imagine that having never seen one, if you could do some form of picture story board or something.. Im sure I wouldnt be the only one who thinks its sounds marvelous.. just needs to understand.